Thursday, April 15, 2021

 EPISODE 376     

This week Tim is off because he is a god fearing man who celebrates the resurrection of our lord and savior Rutger Hauer but Kyle, John, and our returning guest Patricia are godless heathens who bow to no deity.  On this show we talk about our first movie chosen by Kyle has to do with a rebel high school girl looking to thwart an active school shooting in RUN HIDE FIGHT.  The John pulls out a really good drive in movie gem from the 1970's in THE SEVERED ARM.  And finally Patricia talks about a zany suburban mom that likes 3 things.  Birds, Herschell Gordon Lewis movies, and serial slayings in SERIAL MOM.  We also chat about those cool prizes we used to get in cereal boxes, what we have been watching,  disappointing flicks kyle remembers from the 90's.  John's long marathon watch of all 16 Witchcraft movies. and we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or we will throw dog hair all over your collection of wacky wall crawlers.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021


This week we return to settle an argument we had a few shows back... or maybe we return just to have a list show.. who knows?  But we do have a special guest host PATRICIA.  the lovely lady who runs our letterboxd and instagram account. And we will all be recounting our favorite slasher flicks of all time.  This episode is a doozy and was great fun to participate in.  So check it out if you love masked killers, doomsayers, summer camps, machetes, dismemberment, Larry Drake, and of course boobs.  We also do the normal thing of answering all your listener questions.  run down what we have been watching the past week, and all that jazz.  so download this episode or else Christian Bale will mock your lackluster business cards.   



On this episode we bring back 3 more movies from the grave to talk about as we do every week.  And this week its SPOOFS week.  First we chat about The Hanson Bros. vs. an undead sailor Richar Keil in HYSTERCIAL from 1983.  Then we give Jim Wynorski a shot in his epic TRANSYLVANIA TWIST.  And finally Tim talks about the sequel SATURDAY THE 14th STRIKES BACK.  We also cover getting out COVID 19 vaccines and the aftermath, Tim is still watching "massacre" flicks,  the director's cut of Commando.  And we also ramble on about what we have been watching,  the news that was, and we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or Bill Duke will stab you with a table leg.


Tuesday, March 23, 2021


    this week Tim, Kyle, And john meet back up to discuss 3 more movies that have been gathering dust on their shelves.  First John hits up with another Giallo flick called THE PERFUME OF THE WOMAN IN BLACK,  Then Tim chats about a flick with a sizeable cult following in THE HEARSE,  And finally Kyle picks a flick that is about the biggest Indiana Jones rip-off that has ever been filmed... but hey, that's the way Cannon films did it back in the day in KING SOLOMON'S MINES.  Also we have stories of bachelor parties, how to get free stuff, the god damn Rondo awards, not being able to get the magical COVID19 shot, and a ton of other things.  We also go through what we have been watching, what is and what is not a slasher flick, and we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or J.J. Arms will break all the vials of the vaccines.


Thursday, March 11, 2021



On this week show we come back to the fold with 3 more flicks of varying quality.  First we talk about a big summer release that was based on a video game, directed by podcast Paul W.S. Anderson, and starring his wife Milla Jovovich in 2020's MONSTER HUNTER.  Then tim talks about a fairly known flick outta New Zeland in STRANGE BEHAVIOR a.k.a. DEAD KIDS a.k.a. SMALL TOWN MASSACRE.  And finally John chats us up about an Eye-Talian quasi cannibal, quasi adventure flick called MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY.  We also go around about such topics as Kyle's past birthday,  casino adventures, the in's and outs of inverted nipples,  more massacre flicks brought to us by Tim and hundreds of other random topics.  So download this episode or natives will beat you up in your local dive bar.


Monday, March 1, 2021


     This week we return to the airwaves to talk about 3 more films of varying quality.  First we have a late comer to the post-apocalyptic genre starring Brion James, Kane Hodder and Motorcycle Jesus in STEEL FRONTIER.  Next Kyle picks a weirdo Eye-Talian movie that rips off everything and anything possible in GHOSTHOUSE.  And finally John digs up a true gem that begs to be seen in BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH starring Vincent Price.  We also chat about other things such as why Tik Tok has Kyle scared,  Why everyone should CANE TIM GROSS, SyFy channel's new must watch show Resident Alien, and Kyle's deep fear of tooth pain.  We also talk about what we have been watching,  what's new in the news, and we answer your listener questions.  So check this show out or Chris Hansen may appear at your doorstep.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021



     On the show this week we cover 3 more genre flicks you may or may not have seen.  First we chat about the sequel to a beloved franchise that Kyle thinks the fans are split right down the middle on in terms of liking or not in DEMONS 2.  Then Tim picks a pretty good witch/slasher/babysitter flick in THE NIGHT SITTER.  And finally John talks about a Giallo from master Eye-Talian director Dario Argento in the Karl Malden masterpiece CAT O' 9 TAILS.  We also run down what we have been watching the past week, John slips further down the Camp Blood wormhole,  Old Mtv shows that we miss, Kyle is highly diaspointed with Willys Wonderland AND the new Wrong Turn jam. All this and we answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or Curtis Armstrong will tell everyone the exact location of your moms old douchebag SPOILER ALERT:  It's in Ohio


Thursday, February 4, 2021



     This week we come back to hit you in the mouth with 3 more movies that may or may not be noteworthy.  First since Kyle watched the original for the very first time last week he decided to walk down the monkey highway and cover the sequel in BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES.  Then John checks in with another Italian Giallo with some pretty girls in THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS.  And finally Tim picks the 90's drenched gore/super hero/ comedy spoof everyone is talking about these days in PSYCHO GOREMAN.  We also have your listener questions,  what we have been watching,  and we chat about what are the best kinds of  monkeys and what are the not so good kinds of monkeys   So download this episode or Doctor Zaius will attempt an insurrection and impeach your ass.


Sunday, January 31, 2021


This week we come back with a grudge and bring with us 3 more flicks of varying quality.  First a movie Kyle has always wanted to see but avoided in the mom and pop video store days in THE BOG.  Then we go to Italy to check out a Giallo flick that John picked out in EYEBALL.  And finally Tim chats about a fine independent flick in THE SHED.  Also we have a long chat about how we would make a sequel to Schindler's List,  Regional food that we ate growing up being poor kids, and whatever else nonsence comes dribbling outta our mouths.  We also chat about what we have been watching, and we answer your listener question.  So download this episode or Charles Band will continue to make bad movies and burn all your monies.


Thursday, January 21, 2021


After a vacation over the new year we return to the podcasting game with 3 more great genre flicks to discuss.  First we talk about a spaghetti western directed by 2 titans of Italian cinema Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei in 1987's SCALPS.  Then Tim covers last years outta nowhere remake CASTLE FREAK.  And finally Kyle goes to his favorite movie making country Australia to talk about a movie franchise that should be bigger tan it is in WOLF CREEK 2.  We also cover what we have been watching the last 3 weeks, The Mandalorian season 2 finale, And we welcome long time listener and good friend Patricia to the show as she will be running out letterboxd account from now on.  So download this episode or you won't be welcome in Australia... YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2021


On this episode we coome back to chat your ears off about 3 more flicks.  The first is a mainstay HBO jam in the Charlie Sheen road pirate flick THE WRAITH.  Next we talk about possibly the very best "guys in a rubber monster suit" movie in THE GREEN SLIME.  And finally we have PORNO from 202 where some people do some stuff with a sex demon in a theatre.  We also chat about football (as per usual), where in the united states to get the very best cheeses,  Amish fuckery,  Resident evil fuckery,  David Bowie fuckery, and we answer all your listener questions and whatnot.... So download this episode or Ben Roethlisberger will get none of the finest cheese.




     This week as we return we find that Tim Gross has been trying to kill himself by watching all 8 Bloodfist movies in a single week.  But I digress... We have 3 movies to talk about.  The first movie we have to talk about is a quasi slasher flick from 1983 in FRIGHTMARE.  Then Peter Cushing melts your bones in ISLAND OF TERROR,  And finally an alien visits mother Russia in SPUTNIK.  We also are grateful that no one in the NFL snapped their legs in half,  We wonder where Llamas store their laser beams,  weird Rankin-Bass made for T.V. movies, and we also do the usual news, what we have been watching , and listener questions.  So download this episode or Llamas will shoot off your dick.


Monday, December 21, 2020

 EPISODE 364 *the best and worst of 20202*


     As we prepare to slam the door on this dumpster fire goat fuck of a year it wouldn't be complete without a visit from T-Shirt Joe to help us run down the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the flicks of 2020.  And we also have a very important... very special message from Tim Gross that you all need to hear.  And as always we cover what we've been watching. What's been happening in the news, and answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or prepare to get infected with COVID 20.


Thursday, December 17, 2020



     This week Tim, kyle, and John come back to the show and they bring yet another 3 flicks to talk about.  First Tim picks an action flick he found in the dollar bin at the local dollar tree that stars almost every c level action star in ASSASSIN X.  Then John talks about a home alone type flick that's jacked up to ten in 2020's BECKY,  And then Kyle brings a sequel that kinda stands on it's own merits in FROM DUCK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY.  We also chat about football (what else is new), Insane Llama-sploitation, John watches Tim and Dan's flick Blood Freak,  Kyle and John explain their love for disaster movies, we answer your questions and all the regular jazz that this show is known for.  So download this episode or Kevin James will carve out your eyeballs. 


Thursday, December 10, 2020



     We are back once again with yet again 3 more flicks that we found outside a dumpster behind an old video store.  First Tim checks out a Don "the dragon" Wilson flick in the original Bloodspot rip off BLOODFIST. The you remember how much Kyle loved Graveyard Disturbance? well, he found a movie that was made on the same sets and by the same director in Lamberto Bava's DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE.  And lastly John checks out a Roger Corman produced flick in DINOCROC.  We also chat about football (as usual).  Kyle watches The Hunt For Red October to honor the recently departed Sean Connery. We have a discussion about who is the greatest comedian of all time.  We answer your questions and review what we have been watching lately.  so download this episode or George Carlin will yell 7 very specific words at you.


Thursday, December 3, 2020


We return this week to talk once again about 3 fine fright flicks.  First Baron Frankenstein reanimates a sexy lady in the hammer horror flick FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN.  Then we talk about a true old time classic full of monsters in ABBOT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (a first time watch for Kyle) And finally Kyle picks a new flick completely at random in 2020's STARIS a.k.a. BLACK OPS a.k.a. THE ASCENT... cause you know a film with 3 titles has to be awesome, right?  We also get into topics such as assorted Batman butlers, what we watched over Halloween, John's dislike of Tenacious D, The greatness of Hell Night and the beauty of young Linda Blair, Kyle watched a great movie about A killer hair weave, We also got news, listener questions, and a ton of other fun stuff.  So download this episode or Scarlett Johansen will remake your favorite old time monster movie.... and we don't want that.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

 Episode 360



     This week we return to discuss movies in the age of COVID.    First it's John's pick featuring Vincent Price in THEATER OF BLOOD.  The because it's October Kyle picks a Kung Fu flick to talk about in 5 Element Ninjas.  The we test the bounds of our theory about there never being a bad rat movie as Tim talks about BIG FREAKIN' RAT.  We also talk about the greatness of Michael Rooker.  That time that Spider-man and Batman talk about the in's and out's of the gag reflex.  The tangled knot that is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre flicks.  What we have been watching, news, and a ton of other poop.  So download this episode or there will be 45 new reboots of Chainsaw Massacre.


Thursday, November 12, 2020


     This week we return with 4 movies that looked interesting to us... but will it be interesting to you?  First Tim picked an independent anthology flick called SCARE ME,  but then he found another movie with the same title on shudder so we thought to save confusion we'd say fuck it and cover both movies.  Then John picks a hidden sci fi gem featuring Bruce Campbell in Sean S. Cunningham's TERMINAL INVASION.  And finally Kyle picks yet another movie about gentrification in Netflix's new jam VAMPIRES VS. THE BRONX.  we also chat about this weeks match up of the browns vs. the steelers and the shit show that ensued, we talk about the new werewolf jam The Beast of Snow Hollow, and finally Tim and Kyle return from filming HELL VAN in Kent Ohio and have lots of stories... especially the time he played sex-bot 2000.  We also have the weekly viewing that was, listener questions, and a ton of other things.  So download this episode or people will never realize that The Mortuary Collection is better than Creepshow.


Thursday, November 5, 2020



     This time around we once again bring you three more strange and bizarre flicks to melt your face.  First Tim picks "the deadliest movie ever made" in ANTURM.  Then we pay respects to the best graboid hunter of them all Bert Gummer in TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS.  And finally we have a groovy zombie movie from overseas in THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE.  We also cover topics such as our favorite 90's action flicks, Kyle and john's weird Christian slater obsession, Kyle's hatred of the Scream franchise, and we also cover your listener questions and we read all the news.  So download this episode or we will never get that Nightbreed series we've all been hearing about for the las 15 years.




     This week we return with 3 more strange flicks to mull over.  First we talk about a true hidden gem that you should all check out in 1979's coming of age/blacksploitation flick YOUNGBLOOD.  Then Kyle talks about a true hollywood classic NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.  And Tim chats about a truly weird Eye-talian flick called BLOOD DELIRIUM.  We also talk about where to eat pizza.  The sights and sounds of Pittsburgh, That time Steven Segal made the best 6 minutes of movie history quite by accident, Kyle crossed the Swayzee line, and a lot of other stupid shit.  We also have you listener questions, we list our favorite 80's action flicks, and we see what the news is brewing.  So download this episode or Segal will break all of your teeth out with a cue ball wrapped in a bar towel.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020



     This week we return to talk about some T&A flicks and we are bringing with us T-Shirt Joe. First we got a pretty weird Animal House rip-off in KING FRAT. Then Joe brings the heat with 1987's PRETTY SMART. And finally we chat about 1979's H.O.T.S.  We also lament the cancellation of Halloween, How to identify and understand what random John Wayne your Dad is watching on television,  The new greatness of Korean zombie flicks and a ton of other hot topics.  So download this episode of all those poor seals will die.  




     This week we return with 3 very different movies to discuss.  First we chat about a Clint Eastwood crime flick in TIGHTROPE.  Then Tim picks UNCLE PECKERHEAD as only Time could. And finally we cover our very first Santo flick in SANTO AND THE BLUE DEMON IN ATLANTIS.  Also we get around to talking about such things as T-Shirts and where to get them, why Tim looks like an asshole to random people, Captain Kirk and the proper way of punching aliens in the dick, And a dozen of other topics.  We also answer your questions and run down what we all have been watching this week.  So Download this episode of Spock will get all horny.


Sunday, October 4, 2020



 We return and in fine fashion we are bringing with us 3 more fine flicks to discuss.  First we have a new installation in a long dead franchise in CURSE OF THE BLIND DEAD.  Next we talk about a truly lost flick from the dustiest Mom and Pop video store shelves in MARLEY'S REVENGE:THE MONSTER MOVIE.  And lastly we have one of (in Kyle's opinion) best flicks of last year in SORRY TO BOTHER YOU.  Also we chad about weekends and how weird they can be.  Christopher Lee as Darth Vader, Bullshit ghost hunters, And we finally get into the conversation that every horror podcast eventually gets into... To love or hate Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. We also have viewer questions, news, and a ton of other things.  So download this episode or Johnny Rotten will steal your family's inheretence.



     This time we return to bring you some more podcast fun.. First Tim talks about some fine fine Mexican werstle-sploitation the WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY.  Then John talks about the best Raccoon-sploitation flick that has ever been in KILLER RACCOONS2: DARK CHRISTMAS IN THE DARK.  Then finally Kyle gets ready to face the music and watches BILL AND TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY.  We also chat about shitty summer colds,  Kyle may or may not have the rona, Metallica exploitating the drive-in. concert stories and a ton more.  Also,  we have an interview with  TRAVIS IRVINEE director of KILLER RACCOONS 1 AND 2.  So download this episode or Lars Ulrich will sue your music downloading ass!




     This week we return to celebrate the live and movies of John Saxon by each picking one of his movies.  First we talk about one of the most classic Christmas horror movies of all time in Bob Clark's BLACK CHRISTMAS.  Then it's on to some Eye-talian giallo in Dario Argento's TENEBRE. And finally Tim picks some weirdo shirtless Saxon in PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE.  We also cover some Red Dwarf, Seth Rogen's pickle based time travelling adventures, That time the pittsburgh penguins went to russia, And finally Kyle picks a fight with his entire town over facebook about their inability to wear a mask in public.  So download this episode or Strippers and Russian bears will hip check you into the boards.


Sunday, August 30, 2020


     As the pandemic rolls on we continue down the road of podcasting only to bump into one of our favorite dudes DANNO KLONOWSKI as he joins us in our first "WHAT IF" episode.  This episode consists of us exploring what is, what was and what could have been in the world of cinema.  And we wander some weird roads like what would be the last movie we would want to see made if the world ends, what movie franchise we would like to see another installment in.  and the like. We also chat about such topics as the wonder of 4K HD,  the resurgence of Drive-ins, the state of chaos in the good ole USA.  And a ton of other topics.  So download this episode or we will build a murderdozer and murder your town.




 Another week in the books and another show for your ear drums.  this week John picks an all time cheese fest in MEGAFORCE.  Tim picks a seldom seen made for TV movie in ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE.  And kyle strikes back with his all time Fulci jam with HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY.  Also on this show we talk about such fantastic topics as the unfortunate death of gerne vet John Saxon, John watches one of the weirdest Charles Bronson flicks,  Tim catches a weird CHUD fish in the river, The staff of Gilgamesh, and Bob the worst child in all of Italian cinema.  So download this episode or the good guys won't win... even in 2020.



     As we endure more of the hellish year of our lord 2020 we return to give you 3 more genre flicks to talk about.  First Kyle brings you a 2020 jam from his beloved Australia in RELIC.   Then Jon takes a hint from fans and talks about an oldie but a goodie in HOUSE from 1986.  And finally Tim picks a flick that will probably end up on a lot of folks top 10 of the year in WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS.  We Also chat about such mundane things as football, stuff and places that are on out bucket lists, why jumping out of planes is a bad idea,  Hulu's into The Dark series, And Kyle's recent bamboozlement into watching Footloose and Dirty Dancing at a drive-in.  So download this episode or Patrick Swayzee won't help you out with an abortion.  


Tuesday, July 28, 2020


     This week we bring back 3 more flicks to argue over.  First Tim continues to scrape the bottom of the post apocalyptic barrel with his pick A MAN CALLED RAGE.  Then John talks up the 4th installment in Troma's flagship series in THE TOXIC AVENGER 4: CITIZEN TOXIE.  And lastly Kyle pays tribute to the late great Joel Schumacher and covers jis nazi zombie siege flick BLOOD CREEK.  We also chat about a ton of topics such as Tim's current issues with Full Moon Entertainment as he watches Blade: The Iron Cross,  Fireworks accidents, Kyle's failed attempt to wrangle a ground hog,  and Blazing Saddles the lost TV show.  And as always we read your listener questions, read the news, and go over what the hell we have been watching.  So download this episode or Charles Band will banish you to his magic warehouse.


      This week we put on our swatch watches,  get out our rubick's cube, and pop some quarters in that old pac man machine as we pick out some of our favorite flicks from 1980 and 1981.  was also chat about that time Mothra shit all over Kyles laundry, Godzilla movies, homemade board games,  shitty shark films, and the death of Joel Schumaker.  We also do a rundown of all the news this week brought us, and what we have been watching.  So download this episode or Batman's nipples will be sad.


Wednesday, July 8, 2020


      This time we return to talk about 3 more fine flicks to watch in a corona filled world.  First we have a David Hebnrt join about amish surviving the apocalypse in DEADLY REACTOR.  Then we check out a 100% accurate documentary on one of the greatest president ever in FDR: AMERICAN BAD ASS.  And finally we have THE COTTAGE starring Golem and an inbred redneck.  We also chat about local murders,  Joe Bob warning us about streaming services,  And as always we talk about what we have been watching and all the news that came up.  So, download this episode or David Epstein will give you a massage.


     This week we turn up to talk another 3 more flicks.  First we cover Robert Stack in A STRANGE AND DEADLY OCCURRENCE.  Then we have Kyle talking about a ho-hum mid 2000's thriller in VACANCY A.K.A. Ned Flanders Snuff Hotel.  And John brings a Corman classic to the table in BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS.  Was also chat about drink dispensing belt buckles,  missing nipples, Why Kyle has never ever seen and Abbot and Costello flick,  That time Quincy took on Punk Rockers, And as always we chat about what we have seen and all the news that's fit to print (or make up in Bloody Disgusting's case).  So download this episode or Quincy will slam dance on yer face!


     This episode has it all!  First Kyle talks about the awesome flick THE COLLECTOR.  Then it's back to the ABC movie of the week for THE VICTIM.  And finally G. Gordon Liddy vs. Wings Hauser in STREET ASYLUM.  we also chat about the mystery of the banging bikers in Dawn of the Dead, Neo-Nazi Kevin James, Bug zappers and their place in the scientific realm, that time Kyle met a very drunk Danny Hicks and he spelled his name wrong.  And we also have news, what we have been watching this week, and a whole lot of other fun stuff.  So download this episode or Jake will stab you with the Candarian dagger.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020


     This week we bring you yet again 3 more flicks from the far flung corners of the video stores.  First John covers the giallo flick THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH.  Then Tim talks about a 90's action flick starring Wings Hauser in GHETTOBLASTER.  And finally Kyle chat's about a flick made up of 2 short films based on the works of Stephen king in STEPHEN KING's NIGHTSHIFT COLLECTION VOL.1.  We also cover this weeks current watches,  answer your questions, and chew the fat about such subjects like,,, Our most horrible bicycle injuries, Joe Bob's gutsy showing of Cannibal Holocaust, Crazy ass convention guests, alien conspiracy flicks you can watch on Netflix, The Labyrinth and who can or cannot fill Bowies' codpiece And so much more.  So download this episode or puppet David Bowie will kidnap your children.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020


     This week in celebration of beating the Corona virus we change it up a little and talk about our own personal momories of our local mom and pop video stores.  What were the movies you rented?  What local weirdos were lurking about?  What strange things happened in that weird "back room"?  All will be explained!  Also we cover what we have been watching and have a ton of stories from the fans about their own local video stores.  So download this episodes or all your late fees will double.


     This week we return despite the corona virus to bring you some more movies to talk about.  First we have Sybil Danning in PANTHER SQUAD.  Then John breaks out another made for television flick directed by Stephen Speilberg in SOMETHING EVIL. And lastly kyle talks about fish dudes chasing some folks around a village in Europe in Stuart Gordon's H.P. Lovecraft adaptation DAGON.  Also we have tales of drinking with Sasquatch, why Kyle loves to see Thor slapping children, How to cure your dog of every aliement.  And as always we read your questions, and chat about what we have been watching this week.  So,  download this episode or the band A.C. will play your bar-mitzva.


Friday, June 5, 2020


     This time around the block we return and we are bringing back 3 more flicks ranging from the worst to the absolute best.  First we talk about Charlie Band being the first to the punch and vomiting out the flick CORONA ZOMBIES.  Then Kyle watches a stone cold classic for the first time in DR. STRANGELOVE.  Then we have a t.v. movie from the 70's from the creator of Kolchack in THE NORLISS TAPES.  We also talk about protests,  cheap quarentine sex, and other things.  So download this episode or no cheap sex for you.


    We trudge through the virus riddled wasteland to bring you a new show.  This week we talk about the blacksploitation version of The Exorcist in ABBY,  Then we chat about a real stinker in GHOSTRIDERS, and lastly we have Dack Rambo in GOOD AGAINST EVIL.  We also chat about the interstate liquor wars, the correlation of between protests, corona virus protesters, and idiots.  The Shudder series Cursed Films.  and we answer your questions and a whole lot more.  So download this episode or John Landis will drop a helicopter on you.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020


    This week we return and we step knee deep into into this Cornoa epidemic but we manager to pull out 3 more movies from the depths of the shitstorm.  First we have the most decisive flick that we have ever had on the show in VIVARIUM.  Next up it's some 5 star puppet-sploitation in MEET THE FEEBLES.  And finally we have a great horror comedy from 2015 in TEEN LUST.  we also chat about Arnold vs. Jackie Chan in journey to the west.  The new media platform Quibi, New Sam Raimi stuff, we create a new box based soda service in Faygo-box, News, and we answer all you questions and comments.  So download this episode or we will send a screaming alien child to scream in your face!


Friday, May 8, 2020

EPISODE 337: COVID19 week 3

     This week we are still all alive in these strange times and we return to bring you 3 more flicks to watch as you are stuck inside your house.  First we cover a classic western full of shoot  outs that you won't soon forget in THE WILD BUNCH.  Next we talk about "Vag Cannons" in SNATCHERS.  And finally A doughy with guy shows up to clean up an urban high school with his buddy Chappy Sinclaire in the TBS jam THE PRINCIPAL.  Also we chat about naked lady E.T.  The return of The Dark Side of the Ring.  The joys of Dave Bautista, And a ton more.  So download this episode or Vagina monsters will shoot out of your butthole.


Thursday, May 7, 2020

EPISODE 336: COVID19 week 2

   This go around we learn who is "Essential" and who is "Expendable" as we chart a course through 3 flicks showcasing the late great Max Von Sydow who we sadly lost over the weekend. The first being a part giant Kaiju movie part art house flick part Russian love/action story BRANDED.  Next we movie onto an all time classic in CONAN THE DESTROYER.  And lastly we cover one hell of a great Canadian comedy in STRANGE BREW.  We also cover the most recent watches through the week, why we have quit watching the news,  we lay out our guide to surviving the viral apocalypse, and much much more.  So download this episode or Crom says TO HELL WITH YOU!  


EPISODE 335:  COVID19 week 1

     As this is our first week under the deadly virus takeover of COVID19 we retreat into our homes to check out 3 new movies.  First we have the 4th in the Hellraiser series HELLRAISER: BLOODLINES (A,K,A, hellraiser IN SPACE!!!).  Then we have an early 80's spoof of the slasher movies in STUDENT BODIES.  And lastly we chat about the Soska Sisters remake of the classic David Cronenberg joint in RABID.  We also take a journey down memory lane to recall what we have been watching through the first week of lockdown, We also list out top 10 favorite John Carpenter jams.  And if you listen to 54 minutes into the show you can actually pinpoint the exact moment Kyle catches the Corona Virus,  So enjoy this super size show that are actually 2 podcasts jammed into one.  So Download this episode or Kyke might die!


Friday, April 3, 2020


     This week we return with 2 movies from the best year for horror of all time 1987 and what will probably be movie of the year for at least one of us.  First we have a weirdo bug/outbreak flick called BLUE MONKEY a.k.a. INSECT.  Then John covers an all time classic horror jam in THE GATE, and Tim covers the most Tim Gross movie of the year in VFW.  We also cover this weeks watches, answer your questions and read all the news that was fit to print (or makeup).
So download this episode or you will throw up some white dog doo doo.


Sunday, March 29, 2020


     This time around we dust off 3 flicks to cover.  The first being a completely unknown weirdo time travel/monster jam in TIMESWEEP.  Then we have a british werewolf offering in THE SNARLING.  And finally we have a great 2000's gem in THE CONVENT.
We also talk about the tag team of coolio and bill mosley, Late 70's sitcoms,  The Escape from new york remake.  and a ton lot more.  So download this episode or yo won't be invited to the gangsta's paradise.


      This week with TIM GROSS on vacation we return and we bring on GARY HILL of the Cinema Beef podcast on for bike week. First Joe Namath, Sid Haig, and Ann Margeret cause some trouble in C.C. and Company.  Then we visit a stone cold classic in STONE COLD starring The Boz.  Then we cover a rock and roll biker jam in STREETS OF FIRE.  We also answer your questions and go over all the movies we have been watching the last week.  So download this episode or Bo Jackson will run all over that ass.


Friday, March 20, 2020


     This virus outbreak is a really weird time we are living in.  And Kyle thought he would take a half hour and try to do something good.  So... He decided to curate a giant list of cult, horror, Sci-fi and generally weird flicks that are completely free to watch through apps available over your smart tv, roku, game console, fire stick, or a ton of other gadgets out there.  Just remember that we are all in this thing together and take advantage and maybe check out something that you've never seen before.


     This week we give you 3 more reasons to sit your your couch and listen to us yammer on about movies.   what else are you gonna do?  you are probably under quarentine anyway.  First we talk about the new release of Tammy and the T-Rex.  Then Tim talks about his buddy Henrique's flick OUIJA ROOM.  And finally Kyle checks in with a action flick from the 90's in JUDGMENT NIGHT.  So sit with us for over 2 hours of nonsense and remember during this time of wayward virus contamination please be a cool human to each other.  So download this episode for a free roll of toilet paper. (offer void where prohibited)  


Tuesday, March 10, 2020


      This week we return to cover 3 more movies we found in the gutter.  First we return to the much troubled Terminator franchise to talk about TERMINATOR: DARK FATE.  Then we check out a flick from deep inside the Phillipines called VIRGINS FROM HELL.  And lastly we check out a bikers vs. the establishment in the movie THE NORTHVILLE CEMETERY MASSACRE.  Also we chat about Pittsburgh basketball history,   Kobe Bryant's death,  exploding beards, Netflix series DRACULA, and we play a game called "Assemble you own Avengers style movie squad game"  So download this episode or your helicopter will crash.


  This time around on the show we cover 3 more fine flicks.  First we have An independent offering called CLOSE CALLS,  Then we travel back in time to cover a Herschell Gordon Lewis masterpiece in THE WIZARD OF GORE. And finally we all catch up with one of the best movies from a couple years ago that none of us checked out in THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE.  We also chat about "Bloody Disgusting guy's douchy tweets", Kyle goes to the theater with dad to see the awesome 1917, Tim's continued hatred of the SyFy Channel, And we play a new game called " Nic Cage movie volleyball"  So download this episode or Nic Cage will steal your car.


     This week we get into 3 more weirdo flicks.  The first being the return of Full Moon Pictures and the first of Charles Bands' deadly ten in NECROPOLIS: LEGION.  Then we travel to Italy to cover A film by Dario Argento in Lucio Fulcis' THE WAX MASK directed by Sergio Stigalevetti (If that makes any kind of sense at all).  And lastly we go to the great continent of Australia for a brilliant flick NEKROTRONIC.  All this plus we have the end of football chat, the new Jay and Silent Bob joint,  Murder She Wrote, The unknown survival of The Trailer Park Boys and Tim's rejection to it, The new Rambo flick, And more nonsensical chat than you can shake a Spookies blu-ray at.  So download this flick or hipster vape pen will explode.