Sunday, June 11, 2023


It's been 12 or so odd years but it has all come to an end.  This is the final episode of the podcast, and in our typical fashion we have picked some mediocre movies to go out on. First John has picked a Robert Forrester starring and directed flick featuring genre staple "greasy" Joe Spinell in HOLLYWOOD HARRY.  And then Tim pick a real Tim kinda movie in MUTANT VAMPIRES FROM PLANET NEPTUNE.  And Kyle says "fair is fair" and talks about the beloved LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN.  We do all the regular stuff on the episode like answer your questions, read the news, and review what we have been watching over the past week.  And we also take a walk back to pick out some of our favorite movies we have ever featured on the show.  So download this episode and help us erase the memory of Pondo and The Party Animal from our minds


Thursday, June 8, 2023


Another week is upon us and that means another show.  On this one John talks KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK, And fuck you Gene Simmons we bootlegged this movie!  Tim picks the new Brandon Cronenberg flick INFINITY POOL, And Kyle picks a real "DAD" movie in which Lee Marvin Fights Ernest Borgnine for the hobo train riding championship belt in EMPEROR OF THE NORTH.  We also have all the thrilling thrills of reading your listener questions, checking out the world of internet movie speculation, and recapping what we have watched this week.  So download this episode or Ernest Borgnine wont give you a handy on a sundrenched beach.


 EPISODE 329:  Another lost episode 

This week we have 3 doozies to review and talk about.  First what if Dracula from the monster squad impersonated an ancient Aztec warrior and went around murdering people in a Cinemax like sleazy late night thriller... cause that is what we got in THE BANKER. Then Kyle want's to catch up with the antichrist in DAMIEN: OMEN II. And finally an Eldritch god in a rest stop bathroom needs some help in GLORIOUS.  We also talk about what's happening in the movie rumor laden internet,  read your questions, and rundown what we have been watching the last weeks.  So download this episode or no Lovecraft Glory Hole for you!


Wednesday, June 7, 2023


This week we come back to regale you with the pleasant tones of our voices screeching about weirdo movies... And we found another 3 flicks regulated to the darkest, dirtiest, most disgusting shelves of our collections.  First Tim picks a sci fi flick that almost every mom and pop video shop had but nobody seemed to check out in STARSHIP,  Then in honor of Michelle Nichols passing John picked one of her genre flicks in THE SUPERNATURALS,  and finally Kyle decides it's finally time to check out ROAD GAMES starring Stacy Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis.  And we also do the rounds talking about what we watched while we were away, Answer your listener questions, and read all the news which may or may not be true.  So download this episode or Stacy Keachs' dog will bite you in the butt


Thursday, May 18, 2023


As the spring cleaning continues we found another "lost" episode in that junk drawer that everyone seems to have in their house.  This time we have a true Asian oddity that has eluded us all but we have always wanted to check it out in EVIL DEAD TRAP.  Then we have the most metal zombies of all god damn time in their original outing in the franchise in TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD. And finally since we have made it this deep in our run of shows Kyle finally feels like it's time to cover a movie that almost every podcast ends up covering in TOBE HOOPER'S LIFEFORCE.  And just like every week we have the news, listener questions, and the run down of what everyone watched this week.  So download this episode or the blind dead will forever cease to fuck shit up in the pit!



As the spring cleaning continues we roll up the dusty rug in podcast studio A to find yet another "lost" episode.  On this one Kyle talks about the new stranger danger flick starring our guy Ethan Hawke in THE BLACK PHONE.  And then we talk about a movie that only tim gross could have found in the backrooms of youtube called MY LOVELY BURTN BROTHER AND HIS SQUISHED BRAIN. And finally we have that movie your mother warned about taking candy from in CURSE OF THE QUEERWOLF.  And like any other episode we rundown the news and what we have been watching along with listener questions. So download this episode or else Tim Gross might make us watch another weird movie with an 8 word title... and no one wants that.



As we continue to spring clean our podcast we found another "lost" episode hiding under the fridge. On this show we talk about 3 more flicks.  The first being the movie PREDATOR may or may have not ripped off in WITHOUT WARNING starring Jack Palance and crazy ass Martin Landau. Next we have BLOOD THIRST a made in the 60's but released in the 70's chiller starring John's number 1 dude Vic Diaz.  And finally old folks do some comedic killing to save their crumbling apartment killing in HOMEBODIES.  All this and the regular stuff await.  So download this episode so Vic Diaz can continue to barbecue some fine naked ladies. 



This week we unlock the basement and see what kind of flicks we can unearth as Kyle spring cleans the podcast to unleash a "lost" episode.  The first flick to rear it's ugly head is DOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS, and Moe Howard shows up in this.  Next it's an old staple from the horror section of the video store called EVIL LAUGH. And finally a weirdo part murder mystery part Eye-talian Giallo part spider fetus flick called SPIDER LABYRINTH.  And of course we run down what we have been watching, the newest news, and answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or Moe will eye poke you.


Friday, May 12, 2023


This time it's yet another 3 movies from the basement of that burned down video store from back in 1991. First Kyle has found a really, really weird Star Wars rip off flick that stars genre legends Vic Morrow and Sonny Chiba in MESSAGE FROM SPACE. Next we have quite the oddity that was put out by Troma and quite possibly one of the worst offenders of lying box art in DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE.  And finally Tim covers on of Charles Band's first movies in MANSION OF THE DOOMED.  Spoiler Alert: it's kinda

good.  All this and a whole lot more so download this joint or Lloyd Kaufman will buy your graduation video and put it out under the title "Graduation day bloody massacre".



This episode we dust off 3 more weirs, strange, and obscure genre flicks and check them out.  First we have (or at least what Kyle thought) a gay panic / Carrie / high school revenge flick in FEAR NO EVIL. Then we see when you throw Roscoe P. Coltrain, a circus, a mask, and Linnea Quigley all into a blender and what we get is Tim's pick in DEATH MASK.  And finally John talks about a pretty cool little 80's gem with Scott Grimes of Critters fame in NIGHT LIFE.  we also, have answers to your listener questions and a whole ton of other stuff.  So download this episode or Roscoe won't catch them dastardly Duke Boys as they jump the General Lee over a pond,  and you don't what that.


Sunday, May 7, 2023


     This time we we throw 3 more genre flicks into the hopper and see what shakes out.  First Tim picks a Rod Steiger movie with a Kung Fu action premise straight from the bottom row of the Action section of you mom and pop video store in CATH THE HEAT.  The John talks a film noir-ish type of jam with 1975's The Dead Don't Die.  And finally Kyle watches the original classic kid in trouble flick INVADERS FROM MARS.  And try as we might we try to get to the bottom of why everyone likes Peeps marshmallow treats.  All this and more like question, news, and what we have been watching. So download this episode or Rod Steiger won't vote for you in the wet t-shirt contest.



     this week we come back and throw 3 movies in your face of varying degrees of quality... but we will let you be the judge of that.  First we finally have a god damn Godfrey Ho movie on the show in the form of ROBO VAMPIRE 2: DEVIL'S DYNAMITE and boy howdy does Kyle dislike Godfrey Ho movies.  And secondly we have the first of the adaptations of Richard Matheson's classic book I Am Lagend in the form of 1664' Vincent price classic THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.  And finally we unearthed a weird bit of 1995 cheese in The Haunted.  We hope you enjoy the ramblings and if you don't there is always next time.  So,.. Download this episode of we will have to review more Godfrey Ho movies and no one want that.


Thursday, March 23, 2023


     This week we have another 3 interesting movies to talk about from all over the world.  First it's another made for television jam starring Karen Black in THE STRANGE POSSESSION OF MRS. OLIVER.  Then we travel to Korea in PROJECT WOLF HUNTING or as Kyle likes to call it Frankenstein Murder Boat.  And finally a total classic in David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME. We also talk about some new magazines, Kyle talks about his convention artwork collection, and why the hell it's so hard to find 27X41 frames, We also answer your listener questions, read the news, and review all the movies we have been watching lately,  So, download this episode or we will steal all of your 70's drive in posters.


Thursday, March 2, 2023


this week we try something different.  We invite our good buddy Out Of Print Dan onto the show to talk about the greatest year for genre film of all time 1987... but this time it's draft day!  we will be compiling a list of what we thing the top 18 movies released in 1987 were.  and as always we talk about the news, recent watches, and whatever the hell we want to talk about.  we got Dan of the show for Crist's sake! So download this episode or you might get drafted as the next Cleveland Browns quarterback, a we don't wish that on anyone.



this week John is on vacation so Kyle and Tim are going back to the old school approach.  3 movies, 2 dudes and a whole lot of good movies to talk about.  First we scream " DEATH TO THE LACTOSE INTOLERANT' as we cover the swissploitation epic MAD HEIDI.  Then Eric Roberts and John Voight break out of prison and hop aboard a RUNAWAY TRAIN.  And finally a burned up richard lynce convinces some folks to become snipers while Andy Kaufman runs around a new York Saint Paddy's Day parade in GOD TOLD ME TO.  We also answer your listener questions,  recap all the news and new trailers, and round up what we have been watching this week.  So download this episode or you will disappoint our very swiss leader Casper Van Dean


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

 EPISODE 416 *the best and worst of 2022*


     This week it's that time again.  It's time to discuss the best and the worst of what we saw in 2022, And with John out on vacation we invited another Jon on to fill.  Jon Cross joins us along with stalwart T-Shirt Joe to discuss the stuff we jammed into our eyeballs in 2022. We also ponder the state of theatrical and streaming possibilities for the near future.  And as always we read your personal lists of what was good and what was bad all year long.  So download this episode or baby new year will poo poo all over your blu ray collection.


Thursday, January 5, 2023



This week we return to converse about 3 more flicks.  First a cultish kids flick with that one guy from The Young Ones and that Fast Times pool lady in DROP DEAD FRED.  Then we have a sexy disco dracula and some Donny P. in DRACULA from 1979.  And finally we have a wheelchair bound karate master that works as a mob enforcer at their pool parties in MR. NO LEGS.  We also talk about what we have been watching lately, Kyle's dislike of christmas horror movies, New possible Friday the 13th stuff, and a lot more stupidity.  So download this episode or Sean Cunningham will sue ya!


Tuesday, December 6, 2022



     We have three more flicks to talk about this week.  First Tim picks ther remake of the Jamie Lee Curtis 80's slasher straight from Tubi TERROR TRAIN 2022.  Next we have some naked cannibal campers in NAKED CANNIBAL CAMPERS,  and finally we have a movie that Kyle retitled Underground fuck trolls from Detroit in BARBARIAN.  We also read all the news that is fit to speculate on. Answer your listener questions,  and run down all your listener questions.  So download this episode or Richard Brake won't be your neighbor.


Friday, November 18, 2022


This week we have 3 more movies to converse about.  First what happens when johnny Depp dies, becomes sentient A.I. and downloads himself onto the internet.  WORLD DOMINATION of course in TRANSCENDENCE.  Then we have a true gem.  it's a violent,  very Canadian version of Assault on Precinct 13 in SIEGE featuring a young Philadelphia Collins (BAMMMM!)  And finally we have DEADSTREAM where a youtuber grabs a camera and films some creep stuff inside an abandoned house,  but this time it does not  suck (I'm looking at you Dashcam)  We also cover what we have been watching,  the latest news, and we answer all your listener question.  So download this episode of The Mustard Tiger will lay waste to your home (Pew.pew.pew)


Thursday, November 10, 2022


On this weeks show Tim called in sick so we invited our friend Patricia to sit in and bullshit with us.  First movie on the card is what happens when you do a remake and make it as fun, as sleazy, and as fishy as possible in PIRHANA 3D.  Then Patricia thrills us by talking about one of the best cult movies to have ever been in NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.  And finally some people hate it, some people love it, and can you guess what side of the fence we land on when we cover HALLOWEEN ENDS. We also talk about our towns halloween traditions and how the churches are ruining it.  what we have watched this week.  the news (or lack there of). and we answer your listener questions.  So download this episode and tell us which Tom Atkins you prefer. A stashless one or the right one.  



On this glorious day we assemble again to talk about weird things, weird people, and weirder movies.  First up it's hot chicks and a carwash in BIKINI BLOODBATH CARWASH.  Then Kyle finds a movie that has an evil horse, a snorting nazi pigman, a cool castle, a ghost ship on top of a mountain, and a mummy for no reason in DEVIL STORY.  Then tim wraps it all up by talking about a great anthology in NIGHTMARES form 1983.  We also got the usual chit chat in what we have been watching,  the newest news, and your listener questions.  So download this episode or a nazi man bear pig will cap your ass with a pump handle shotgun.



     This time we return with some more movies that will make you wanna put your hand into a blender.  First up we have a flick that answers the question of how annoying can a youtuber get in DASHCAM,  then we have judo chops, hip tosses, and groovy 70's torture in a swinging castle in BLOODY PIT OF HORROR,  and the finally Brion James goes into the woods to fight Tim Thomerson in DOMINION.  I'll ley you guys guess at what movies were picked by who.  And as always we cover what we have been watching this week,  the news, and we answer your listener question.  So download this episode or the crimson executioner will hip toss you into a spider web.



On this episode Kyle finally decides to face his Dave Grohl based fears and watch his movie STUDIO 666.  Tim talks about a mad max type of Australian jam with a lot of the same actors from that film in THE CHAIN REACTION.  and finally John takes a stab at a viral outbreak flick called VIRUS 32.  We also chat about all the topics that need to be chatted about such as football, what we have been watching, the news, and whatever else we wanna bullshit about.  you know, the normal thing.  So download this episode or Kerry King won't come over to tune your guitar.


Thursday, September 15, 2022


     This week we have a doozy of a show.  First we have kids in a bucket, skull fucking, and umbrella fu in one grizzly, gnarly, take no prisoners gut punch of a movie in THE SADNESS.  The Tim talks about a serial killer targeting a group of kids in suburbia in SUMMER OF *$.  Then Kyle talks about some kids in suburbia jacking around with a samauri sword in SUPER DARK TIMES.  We also chat about what we have been watching, the weekly movie news, and we also answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or your kids will hate you.



     This week we gather again to discuss more movies.  And this week we have some real weird ones.  First it's DOCTOR STRANGE... only it's the made for t.v. movie from 1978.  Then Tim talks about cats... and Donald Pleasence... and Peter Cushing... and some more cats in THE UNCANNY.  And finally a real gem from the last couple years (or at least Kyle thinks so) in MALIGNANT.  Oh,  and we also have Eric Roberts in an Amityville movie or whatever.  We also do the norm of answering your listener questions.  recapping the movie watching habits of the past week, And reading the news.  So,  download this episode or Bootleg Doctor Strange will turn back time and slap your little baby face.  



     This week we all come back to the table to discuss 3 more flicks and out weekly Amityville movie.  First Kyle picks a flick he has never seen just to find out why Chuck Norris refuses to bathe and has sex with ladies in mud puddles in LONE WOLF MCQUADE.  The John covers the weirdo south American super hero flick PUMAMAN and we all wonder why Donald Pleasence can't pronounce the word Puma. And finally Tim picks a sequel of a movie we all hated the first time around in WORMWOOD: APOCALYPSE.  All this and we answer your listener questions, read the news, and go over what we have been watching in the past week.  So download this episode or we will bury you in the dirt inside your Ford Bronco.


Thursday, August 4, 2022


     IT'S JOHN'S BIRTHDAY... And we are celebrating by doing the same old same old show.  As always we have 4 more flicks to talk about.  First we have an Ed Wood flick that was requested by listener Jody in JAILBAIT.  Then we have a slimy slime filled in BIO-SLIME.  And a really great 2020 jam in CENSOR.  And this weeks installment in the Amityville saga is Amityville Haunting.  Also we chat about the many ways to get and or avoid pinkeye.  middle age poop flingers, Skyrim and Kyle's addiction to Elden Ring. And tim and kyle run down their trip to Cinema Wasteland.  And as always we read your listener questions,  read the news, and rundown what we have been watching this week.  So download this episode or you'll take an arrow to the knee.



     This time we return and we are bringing even more genre treats with us.  First we have the shaw brothers bringing you a weirdo guy in a rubber suit monster mash in THE OILY MANIAC. Then it's a made for t.v. jam in MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS.  And finally DOCTOR SLEEP... because Kyle wanted to make 2 guys who hate the original Shining watch the sequel.  We also have many discussions about the proper freezing methods when it comes to your snacks.   Bruce Willis and his unfortunate illness. and everyone watches the new Spider Man flick.  We also read the newest news, rundown what we have been watching,  and as always we answer all you listener questions.  So download this episode or Doctor Strange will banish you to the mirror dimension.




     We return and this week we have mor movies and madness to talk about.  First watch Joe Don Baker crash cars and make out with Susan Saranddon in CHECKERED FLAG OR BUST.  Then a movie only Tim Gross could find in DISGUSTING SPACE WORMS EAT EVERYONE. then we chat about a movie that is a truly hidden gem in 2020's THE CURSED.  And finally we have to talk about this week's installation in the amityville saga in AMITYVILLE DOLLHOUSE.  We also get into what we've been watching, Kyle's total addiction to Elden Ring.  Misty Mundae and her lousy movies.  And a whole lot more.  So download this episode or all your Cinemax softcore skin flicks will be deleted off your hard drive.


Tuesday, July 5, 2022


     This week we reassemble to chat about 3 more flicks that we have hand picked for your viewing pleasure... or pain.  First we have what Kyle was goin to a flick about a killer waterslide but turns out to be a much different movie in AQUASLASH,  then we cover an oldie but a goodie in John's pick THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS,  And finally the only slice of Evelsploitation known to man in VIVA KNIEVAL.  was also yammer on about the in's and out's of being "woke" in today's polite society and Kyle's complete lack of understanding of this.  Why not to write a book about Evel Knievaal,  The new Batman joint. And a lot of other off the cuff topics.  And as always we rundown what we have been watching this past week, we answer your listener questions, and we read all the made up horror movie news that bloody disgusting decided to make up this week.  So download this podcast or a 70's stuntman will bash your skull in with a baseball bat.


Friday, June 10, 2022



     This week we have werewolves, bigfeets, RoboCops and haunted clocks.  First Tim picks a doozy (as only Tim can) in Bigfoot's bride.  Then we dig up a weird made for T.V. flick in The Werewolf of Washington.  Then Kyle talks about one of his most beloved sequels of all time in RoboCop 2.  And finally A haunted clock wreaks havoc in Amityville 1992: It's about time.  And as always we talk about other topics such as exactly how many people DeShaun Watson showed his weenus to.  The ins and outs of a great massage, Kyle visits a monster themed pizza joint,  facebook vigilantes, The outing of Kyle's local town weirdo, and other stuff.  We also recall the news of the week, rundown all the things we've been watching this week. and as always we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or DeShaun Watson might just show you his weenus!


Friday, June 3, 2022



     This time around we bring you 3 fairly newish flicks.  First is the latest in one of the most maligned franchises in horror and that is 2022's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Next John talks about a glacier that's made of blood in BLOOD GLACIER (what else would it be called) Then Tim chats about the great Richard Brake as a demon that wants the souls of the elderly in BINGO HELL.  And of course we talk about yet another Amityville movie.  This time it's THE AMITYVILLE CURSE, or Amityville 5 or...  whatever, we don't care anymore.  Also we read your listener questions.  go over the newest news, and talk about a ton of other semi interesting topics like An Aliens television show, who the best basketball player of all time was, and the insane things old folks get up to when they are in a bingo hall.  So download this episode or Larry Bird is gonna come after you like your name was Bill Lambier.


Friday, May 20, 2022



     This week we have an episode  64 years in the making.  It's our accidental tribute to 1958.  First we have what a lot of people consider the greatest movie of all time... And Kyle has never seen it.  It's Alfred Hitchcocks VERTIGO.  Then we have THE INVISIBLE MAN IN MEXICO.  And lastly we chat about Boris Karloff in THE HAUNTED STRANGLER.  And of course we have our Amityville movie in AMITYVILLE: THE EVIL ESCAPES.  We also talk about the ins and outs of what it would be like to be invisible, who the greatest basketball player of all time.  So download this episode or the mexican invisible man will revoke your passport.


Monday, May 2, 2022




     After a brief hiatus due to Kyle's addiction to the new video game jam Elden Ring we return with 3 more movies that are off the normal beaten path.... And our obligatory Amityville review.  First we have a real goopy,  oozing, slime covered Australian joint in BODY MELT.  Then we have a Kevin S. Tenney joint that you may have missed in THE CELLAR.  Then we have a made for TV mystery flick starring Hugh Keyes-Byrne A.K.A. Toe cutter / Immortan Joe from the mad max flicks called THE DEATH TRAIN.  And finally we continue down our Amityville complete series watch and we talk about One of Kyle's favorite entries in AMITYVILLE 3.  Also we read the news, answer your listener questions, And basically chat about all the things worth chatting about.  So download this episode or Immortan Joe won't let you into Valhalla all shiny and chrome.


Sunday, February 20, 2022

 EPISODE 397 The Ginty-Geddon!!!


     This week we gather once again to talk about genre movies.  But this time we bring back our good, good friend Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner to talk about 3 Robert Ginty flicks and one episode of Murder She Wrote that he was in.  First Let the incest fly as Robert Ginty and his sister (or at least her face) are after a giant diamond in WHITE FIRE.  Then as embarrassing as it is Kyle covers THE EXTERMINATOR as he watches it for the first time.  And then we have an episode of Murder She Wrote with Ginty and show favorite Stephen Macht from season 8 of the series.  And Lastly Ginty teams up with Cynthia Rothrock to kick ass in LADY DRAGON. Along with all this we read the news, and take your listener questions... but mostly we talk about how awesome it was that time Donald Pleasence chainsawed the entire bar in half in Race for the Yaknee Zephyr.  So download this episode or your local bar may be next!!!  


Thursday, February 3, 2022


    This time Tim, Kyle and John come back and bring another 3 flicks from the deep recesses of your local mom and pop video store to talk about.  First we have an oldie but a goodie and what may be a very early inspiration for Batman in THE BAT WHISPERS.  Then Kyle finds out what happens when Corey Feldman and his buddies get up to when they find rocket launchers and a pissed off Don Swayzee while playing grab ass in the woods in EDGE OF HONOR.  And Finally John talks about an Agatha Christee adaptation starring Donald Pleasence and Frank Stallone in the Cannon Groups' version of 10 LITTLE INDIANS.  We also get up to our old nonsense like talking football, reading the news, and answering your questions.  So download this episode or your less talented sibling will tell you to listen to another podcast.




     This week tim, kyle and john return to talk about yet 3 more movies that you may have overlooked.  First John talks about a great flick that was theatrically released last year but didn't do much at the box office in the great monster flick ANTLERS.  Then Kyle talks about a buddy druggie flick that stars 2pac and Tim Roth in one of those "everything goes wrong" movies in GRIDLOCK'D. And finally tim chats about one of his favorite independent comedies to come out lately in BURGERON BROTHERS: WEDDIN VIDEOGRAPHERS,  Along the way we chat about the current state of the foosballs, how Kyle got THE COVID, We got your questions and all the news that's fit to chat about.  ALSO, we take the first trip down the Amityville road by talking about the O.G. Amityville Horror movie in what will be us covering a 52 week series reviewing any movie with Amityville in the title.  So download this episode or GET OUT!!!!!




this week we do one of our favorite shows with one of our favorite people T-Shirt Joe.  And that show will be a recap of the good, the bad, the mediocre of 2021.  everyone else did it so why no us.  So download this episode or NO T-SHIRT FOR YOU (because Seinfeld... ya know)


Tuesday, January 4, 2022


     This week we have 3 more flicks to talk about.  the first being a bad movie everyone has seen... except for Tim in HOBGOBLINS.  Next we uncover another totally hidden gem that need to see the light of day on physical release in THE OTHER.  And lastly we have a haunted house flick,  but with a twist.  This time it's under water in THE DEEP HOUSE.  We as always fill you in on all the news that's out there, and answer your listener mail.  And we answer the age old question of why does Tim have hundreds of dicks in his basement.  So Download this episode or we will banish you into the Pittsburgh dick basement.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

EPISODE 392:  R.I.P. boner jamz 

This week we invite our good friend and your friendly t-shirt salesman T-Shirt Joe back on the show because it's Halloween.  And when we think of Halloween we think of 80's boner jamz.  And on this episode we pick 3 flicks so bad that they may have killed the boner jamz episodes for good.  First Joe brings us to T&A college and 5 dudes on their never ending quest to see all the boobies in SCREWBALLS.  Next Kyle picks a cinematic abortion from 1984 that has no redeeming qualities at all (except maybe the sweet Ska tunes from The Untouchables) in THE PARTY ANIMAL.  And finally a different set of dudes set about the beaches of California to get laid, see boobs and drink ketchup in HOT MOVES... Hey! At least Jill Schoelin is in it to Kyle's great joy.  And as always we have the news, we answer your listener questions, and talk about our favorite tricks to pull at parties.  So download this episode or the will make a re-boot of The Party Animal (GOD FOIRBID)


Sunday, December 5, 2021



     On this episode of the podcast we cover 3 more flicks to maybe or maybe not to add to your DVD shelves.  First Tim brings a weird space flick called COSMOS: WAR OF THE PLANETS.  Then we have a Corey Haim and an intelligent dog fighting a hairy monster in WATCHERS.  And finally we have a great chop socki flick brought to us by the great Steven Chow in KUNG FU HUSTLE,  Abd as always we talk football, go over the news of the week, and answer your listener question.  So download this episode or our landlord will smack us upside our head.


Thursday, November 11, 2021



     This week me and Tim Gross are back and we are without John as he is still on vacation.  But,  we still bring with us 3 movies to talk about that we culled from the dustiest parts of the video shelves.  First we have a middle of the raod action flick in DEAD END CITY. Next Kyle tells the story of the time Beverly Hills got taken over by all the fired cops and the only dude to save the day is Ken Whal and his mullet in THE TAKING OF BEVERLY HILLS.  Then we have a monster jam of the highest order in the Toho produced WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS.  We also have our usual football chat, we rundown what we have been watching this week, the news, and we answer all your listener questions.  So Download this episode or Ben Roethlisberger may snap his ankles.


Sunday, October 31, 2021



     This week it's only Kyle and Tim on the show as John is on a sunny vacation.  But never the less we still bring you an episode of Tow-Truck Sploitation that we put together quite accidentally.  First we have a post apocalyptic tow truck vs. cars smash em' up flick starring Flash Gordon, Daisy Duke, and Don Swayzee in DRIVING FORCE.  Then we've mined a little know (as never heard of at least by us) piece of Australian sprint car madness starring the one and only Gyro Captain himself Bruce Spence in MIDNITE SPARES.  And finally we have a true comedy classic and a favorite of Mom Gross herself in USED CARS starring legendary actors Kurt Russell and Garrett Ghrahm.  We also read the news,  and answer your listener mail.  So download this episode or Australia will continue to burn.... and no one wants that.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021



     This week we return and bring with us 3 movies of varying quality.  First Kyle randomly picks a movie that looks quasi interesting off of the magic firestick that has great guy Michael Berryman in MAD HATTER from 2020.  Tim talks about the newest netflix jam starring action elite Jean Claude Van Damme in THE LAST MERCENARY, and finally watch in awe as Dean Martin introduces us to swinging spy Matt Helm in THE WRECKING CREW.  We also read the news, answer your listener questions, and we spin the wheel of time.  Also we chat about such stupid topics of how we can use math to figure out how many toilets Tim can ruin if he lives to be 75.  Bigfoot breeding habits.  And we ask Tim's wife who is on the up and up in all the ghost hunting shows.  So download this episode or Zac Baggins will haunt you so hard you will go blind!


Sunday, September 26, 2021


     WE'RE STILL NOT DEAD YET!!! On this episode we bring to you three movie jams of varying quality.  The first being a great movie about the occult in A DARK SONG,  Then we check back in with out #1 Hip Tossin' Wolfman suplexing, Frankenstein Slammin' Son of a bitch Santo in SANTO: THE FIST OF DEATH.  And finally we talk about getting all those motherfucking vampires off this motherfucking plane in BLOOD RED SKY.  We also talk more about monkeys,  Kyle's continuing quest to watch all Duane "The Rock" Johnson movies, Wrasslin' chat.  And much more.  we also rundown all the flick that were fit to watch this week, we spin the wheel of time, and answer all your listener questiong.  So download this episode or Sonny Chiba's ghost will chop you in the jugular. 




   WE'RE NOT DEAD YET!!!!  this week we return to catch up after Kyle returns from a trip to see Tim in Pittsburgh to attend wedding of the century of our good friend and yours Out of Print Dan.  All that aside we will be covering 3 more flicks.  The first being a weak ass independent joint called ZILLAFOOT.  the second a grand, grand WTF movie from Indonesia called DEMON SWORD.  and finally a weirded out Hollywood jam that is still perplexing to Kyle in A CURE FOR WELLNESS.  We also talk about what we have been watching,  we spin the wheel of time, and we answer your listener questions.  All that and such topics as strange giallo titles, John's upcoming attempt at cinematic suicide as he hopes to try to watch all things Charles Band has ever done, And kyle pitches his new movie premise for BonoboCop... Half Man, Half Monkey... All justice!  So download this episode or "I'll let the monkey's loose"


Friday, August 20, 2021


     This week we talk about the year that was 1983.  We were there... we remember it... and we will recall what we think of it. From Superman to Valley Girls.  To Medieval space ninja stars to mountains and mountains of cocaine.  And all the things in between,   We also chat on this episodes about the great Fred Olen Ray, Frogs that are able to hold their pee for 8 months, And so on...  We also have all the normal show topics,  we answer your questions and read the news.  So download this episode or Gus Grissom may or may not hack your computer.