Friday, August 10, 2018

EPISODE 270  #GROSSFEST #HonkinTheBeefus                   #DetectiveDickGlancer

     Tales of the weird abound in this episode.  tales from the first annual GROSSFEST!  Yes folks... it started as a joke.  and ended as a damn good time had by all.  Wanna know if Tim fought a CHUD?  Wanna know how many smokes Tom Gross smoked?  Wanna know the whereabouts of Kyle's lost keys? well listen to this show as it's the round-up of all the sights and smells that was GROSSFEST!  We have all the normal movie chat to,  you know... if your into that kind of stuff.



     This week we return to see what's been happening in movie land... And the answer is not much.  So, we decide to talk to about a flick where a pyromaniac builds a fireproof murder cellar in an old house in DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE.  Then Tim chats about a flick where someone finds Dr. Herbert Wests' reagent and gives it to a T. Rex and a bootleg Brian Bozworth and a few expendable mercs show up to fight it in a wack-a-doo flick called JURASSIC DEAD.  We also talk about the weeks movie watching habits, news, and all forms of other types ob bullshit.