Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 On this episode we welcome back Steve Benningfield A.K.A. Ben Grimm back to the show to celebrate 3 films of the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. It's a celebration of the Rowdy on over here as we check out the all time classic John Carpenter's They Live,  Then Piper teams up with The Tonga Kid to do some Rock N' Roll wrestling with the faceman in BODYSLAM.  Then in an post apocalyptic world Piper has the best sperm on the planet in HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN.  Also we discuss a variety of topics.  The best being Bigfoot going on a rape rampage on a pot farmer in washington.  
R.I.P. PIPER....


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This week GARY HILL come back to the show (for a little while before falling into internet oblivion) to discuss PUPPET MASTER 4 and 5 and the great Italian gore masterpieces DEMONS 1 and 2. Also we talk about a murder that may or may not be happening on the show, the genre of Ringosploitation, Kyle gets addicted to the best videogame that has ever been made in Bloodborne, serial killers and their antics, we watch the Ash Vs. Evil Dead trailer, new blu ray announcements, And we go through a list of films that Kyle has never seen.  


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This week we return through a haze of grill smoke and overtime to discuss Charles Bands 2nd entry into his flagship series in PUPPET MASTER 2.  And the most obscure, rare, and hard to find movie we have ever covered on the show in KILLER DEAD a.k.a. NON VEGETARIAN ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE.  A movie that we can only explain as maybe a spookies 2... maybe a proto spookies... but we don't care it have a ton of people from Spookies in it.  Also we get into a new segment on the show entitled "movies Kyle has never seen",  Hamburger talk, Kyle sees Terminator Genesys and so regrets it,  Kickstarter shennanigans,  Kyle fixes the tax problem, viewer questions, and a ton more crap.


Friday, August 7, 2015


     This week Jon Cross boarded a megabus,  Joe Garcia boarded a plane,  Kyle got into his car,  Tim put us up in Pittsburgh,  And his wife tried to kill us with food.  This is the Horror Realm show.  What we did, what we drank, where we went, who we saw, and who had the shortest shorts.  All will be revealed about this glorious trip to an even more glorious convention and the awesome team-up that shut Pittsburgh down.  And only one hawk had to die in the process.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We're back!  After a town flood, a broken modem, and a drunken weekend spent in Pittsburgh we return to drop a beast of a show...  And we brought our good podcast buddy Danno Klonowski with us to talk about the dinosaur royal rumble that was JURASSIC WORLD, Tim pick a movie that eyebrow enthusiasts shout take note of in THE REDWOOD MASSACRE, and Kyle picks a movie that may or may not be the best thing we have all seen this year (excluding Fury Road that is).
So hunker down and enjoy this really great show.  And we got a ton of new stuff on the way too.