Wednesday, October 31, 2018


     This week we cover the new HALLOWEEN jam right off the bat as Kyle was fresh off a viewing of it and had a lot to say.  So does Tim and SPOILER ALERT one of us loved it the other well.  meh...
Then Tim covers Christopher Lee as Dracula in an early offering from Hammer Studios in THE HORROR OF DRACULA.  Then Kyle talks about a very underrated and underviewed apocalypse flick starring Peter Dinklage in I THINK WERE ALONE NOW.  Also we read your listener mail,  Talk about the movies we have seen in the past week, and Kyle makes a bold Roseanne based prediction.  

EPISODE 280: the Cinema Wasteland Round-Up Show

     On this installment of the show we welcome our Cinema Wasteland buddy and all around good dude John Shatzer.  So, we get right down to it and talk about the latest wasteland show which included a my bloody valentine reunion in which Kyle failed to attend... cause he sucks!  But anyway we get the low down anyways.  We also talk about a grindhouse/drive in classic snake fest in STANLEY,  Tim talks about a post apocalyptic 80's flick that got past all of us in CITY LIMITS,  And we also talk about a wack-a-doo flick filmed in the philippines in THE KILLING OF SATAN.  And finally Tim chats about an 80's post apocalyptic flick that got by us all in CITY LIMITS.  Also, we take a crack at programming our own personal dusk till dawn movie a thon.  We also answer all your questions and review the week that was.  So, download this episode because many, many snakes were injured in the recording of this podcast.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018


 This week Tim and Kyle return to talk about an anthology from the U.K. in GHOST STORIES and a Rambo rip-off from schlockmeister Joe D'amato in STRIKE COMMANDO.  Also we got some hot and heated Football chat,  We also talk about Kyle finding a great new show to watch in Norsemen,  When collecting becomes obsession, Stinky Evil Dead 2 box sets, Spocks strange obsession with whale sex, He Man and all his glory and we also answer your questions and run down all of this weeks movie watching activities.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


On this weeks episode we talk about government cheese and the perils of getting older and shitting your pants.  but besides that we cover the flick that set the internet on fire in MANDY.  And we also cover another fine flick from the glorious land of Australia in BOAR.  Also we chat about the problematic Alex Jones. Kyle discovers the glorious 90's flick The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.  So,download this episode or the Diceman won't take you out and throw a humburger down your throat.


On this weeks show we continue to alienate people with football chat but it doesn't matter because we got predators... First we talk about the sequel to and all time action jam starring Danny Glover who seems to be too old for everything in PREDATOR 2.  Then we sleep for 15 years until we get to PREDATORS.  Then we almost another 10 years to cover the newest jam THE PREDATOR.  Also time and Kyle also finally get to talk about Sicario 2 and the cult of Benecio Del Toro.  Bizarro Dolph Lundgren flicks that were found at a dollar general.  The sad, sad death of Terrarium T,V,  and we also got your questions and news too.  So download this episode you beautiful motherfuckers!


 On this weeks episode football returns and that means that kyle's ranting and raving dad has returned to scream and yell.  After alienating most of all the cult movie fans by talking sports we get back to the subject at hand and that is and all time disney sci-fi classic in THE BLACK HOLE.  And tim covers a quasi cult flick that surly has a fan base that is quite large in ALIEN NATION.  we also got all your normal things like NEWS and listener questions.  So listen to this show or no spoiled milk for you!!!


 this weeks episode we are still drunk on the afterglow of the glorious return of Joe Bob Briggs and his 24 hour movie marathon.  BUT WE MARCH ON!!!  We will be covering a weirdo Canadian flick in BEYOND THE 7TH DOOR.  And kyle finally gets off his ass and watches the Savini effects fronted slasher flick in The Prowler.  Also, we chat about Tim;s opinion on the Shudder service,  Donald Pleasence chainsaw fights,  Deep cut cheech and chong flicks,  we answer your questions and read all the newest news.