Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This week we return through a haze of grill smoke and overtime to discuss Charles Bands 2nd entry into his flagship series in PUPPET MASTER 2.  And the most obscure, rare, and hard to find movie we have ever covered on the show in KILLER DEAD a.k.a. NON VEGETARIAN ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE.  A movie that we can only explain as maybe a spookies 2... maybe a proto spookies... but we don't care it have a ton of people from Spookies in it.  Also we get into a new segment on the show entitled "movies Kyle has never seen",  Hamburger talk, Kyle sees Terminator Genesys and so regrets it,  Kickstarter shennanigans,  Kyle fixes the tax problem, viewer questions, and a ton more crap.


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