Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This week we are joined by our podcast friend AXL of PROFONDO CINEMA as he stops by to lend his expert advice and to send Kyle down the path of Burt Reynolds enlightenment as he watches the stunt show HOOPER for the first time.  Also, Axl bring along a treat from the mid 80's in the form of a stitched together anthology entitled NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR starring Richard Moll and a bunch of naked ladies.  And Tim has discovered a new flick in which one of our favorite dudes, DOLPH LUNDGREN punches a shark in the face in SHARK LAKE.  And along the way we talk about some news stories, ramble on about what we have been watching, and ponder the whereabouts of a certain former co-host.  So have fun and listen... Jan Michael Vincent would want you to.


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